One of the smartest upgrades you can purchase for any small camper or lightweight travel trailer is a spare tire.  Travel trailer tires can take a beating on long, cross country treks or rocky, back country roads.  Don't get stuck out in the middle of no where with your little camper!  This 12" spare travel trailer tire is a must.

Spare 12" Travel Trailer Tire

    • 12" white spoke travel trailer tire and wheel.
    • Tire Size: 530-12
    • Load Range: C
    • Tire Weight Rating: 1050 Lbs.
    • Max. Pressure: 80 PSI
    • Bolt Configuration: 5 Lug 4.5" Center
  • Avoid travel delays with the convenience of a cary on, spare travel trailer tire.


    • Mounted to front of travel trailer
    • Travel with peace of mind