Get started with a deposit!  95% of customers take advantage of the $1,200 DEPOSIT option to secure their small travel trailer order. 


When you are ready to order, contact us at 402-741-0269 or via text or email and we can provide a price quote for your desired trailer model and accessories, as well as assist you in placing your deposit. 


If you don't have your full order narrowed down, but you want to take advantage of a current sale, you can place the deposit to secure the sale pricing and determine the rest of your order details in the following days.

Non-refundable Deposit - Start Your Order

    • Once your deposit is placed, your remaining balance will be due 10 business days prior to the manufacturer completion date of your trailer. 


    • Please make sure your credit/debit card does not have a daily spending limit of less than $1,200 or it will be flagged and not go through  Please call our office at 402-741-0269, send a text or email when you are ready to make your deposit.  If you have issues making your deposit online, the manufacturer can run your card from the office and send you a receipt via email or text.


    • This is a non refundable deposit as it covers the initial building materials to start your customized build.


    • Delivery fee is additional and can be quoted at time of order.