Frequently asked questions

Trailer Specific Questions

How Much Do These Small Campers Weight?

Outbound Sportsman Travel Trailer Approximate base model weight: 400 lbs Approximate fully upgraded model weight: 600 lbs Outbound Base Travel Trailer Approximate base model weight: 700 lbs Approximate fully upgraded model weight: 900 lbs Outbound Extreme Travel Trailer Approximate base model weight: 800 lbs Approximate fully upgraded model weight: 1,000 lbs T-REX Travel Trailer Approximate base model weight: 900 lbs Approximate fully upgraded model weight: 1,200 lbs Outbound XT Travel Trailer Approximate base model weight: 1,000 lbs Approximate fully upgraded model weight: 1,300 lbs These small teardrop trailers can be towed with almost any vehicle and stowed away in almost any garage.

What is the Tongue Weight of These Small RV's?

Outbound Sportsman Travel Trailer: 70-150 lbs depending on options and load Outbound Travel Trailer: 70-150 lbs depending on options Outbound Extreme Travel Trailer: 70-150 lbs depending on options Outbound T-REX Travel Trailer: 100-150 lbs depending on options Outbound XT: 100-150 lbs depending on options

What is the Tire Bolt Pattern on These Lightweight RV's?

Bolt Pattern: 5 x 4.5

What Type of Electrical Vehicle Connection is Needed?

These lightweight RV's are wired for a 4 flat prong connection.

Can the 4 Step Plates Be Added to an Outbound or Extreme Model Trailer?

Yes they can. The step plates come standard on the T-REX Travel Trailer but they can be added to an Outbound or Extreme Model Trailer.

Can the Underbody Light Kit Be Added to Any Model Travel Trailer?

Yes, the underbody light kit can be added to any of these small travel trailers.

What Does the Cost of Coating the Fenders/Front Diamond Plate Include?

The $100 coating fee will include both the diamond plate fenders and the front diamond plate if your order includes both items. The price remains at $100 if you only have the fenders included in your order (or vice versa).

Can the T-REX Jacks Be Used to Change a Tire?

Yes. Each jack has a weight capacity of 2,500 pounds. The total combined jack capability would be 5,000 pounds.

Can You Get a Spare Tire for the T-REX Trailer Model?

The spare tire for the T-REX Travel Trailer can be sold by special request for $600.

What Size Hitch Ball Is Needed?

A 2" ball is needed for pickup. The height from the to top of the ball to the ground will need to be 22" .

Trailer Ordering Questions

What Payment Methods Does the Manufacturer, Outbound Trailer, Accept?

The following payment options are available when placing your travel trailer deposit or making your final travel trailer payment.


How Will I Take Possession of My New Outbound Travel Trailer?

There are two options for receiving your trailer. All trailers are manufactured at Outbound Trailer in Hastings, NE. Upon ordering, you will indicate if you would like to pick up your trailer directly from the manufacturer in Hastings, NE or if you would like your trailer to be delivered. Pick up is easy! The manufacturer lets you know approximately how far out production is at the time of ordering. Once your trailer is ready, the manufacturer will contact you to arrange a date and time for you to pick it up. Delivery is also easy. Once your trailer is complete, the manufacturer will arrange the date to deliver it to your door. You will receive an estimate for delivery at the time of order. This may be subject to change due to gas prices, etc. at the time of delivery. Delivery fee is payable to the manufacturer at the time final payment is made for the trailer.

Tell Me More About This Security Deposit.

You can secure your travel trailer order with a $1,200 security deposit. This deposit is non-refundable. Security deposit is paid directly to the manufacturer, Outbound Trailer. Once the deposit is recieved, construction will be begin on your custom little camper. Your travel trailer security deposit can be made via check or credit card. Contact us to submit your security deposit or for additional questions.

How is Omaha Outbound, LLC Affiliated with Outbound Trailer?

Omaha Outbound, LLC is managed by Jenny, a sales representative for Outbound Trailers. Omaha Outbound, LLC helps Outbound Trailers facilitate sales and customer service via the sales representative located in Omaha, NE. We cover eastern Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, pretty much any state in the contiguous USA ...you name it, we cover it. All payments for travel trailer purchases will be made directly to Outbound Trailer. Travel trailers will be picked up at the Outbound Trailer office in Hastings, NE or delivered by Outbound Trailer to your requested destination. There is a delivery fee associated with delivery if you choose to have your travel trailer delivered. This is determined by your location and can be estimated at your request.

When Was the Last Time You Did Something for Yourself?

Today. Let's do this! If you have been dreaming of owning a small camper, a little travel trailer, or a teardrop trailer, this is the one for you. These little campers are one of the most light weight campers on the market. There are so many options and upgrades to choose from to make your small travel trailer your own. We hope you have as much fun ordering your travel trailer as you do traveling in it!

Does The Manufacturer Offer A Warranty?

Yes, the manufacturer offers a 1 Year Warranty on the trailer box and frame. All add on options are warrantied through the original manufacturer.