Omaha Outbound, LLC

Are you ready to upgrade your travel & camping experience without breaking the bank?  You and me both!  That's why I purchased my very own Outbound Travel Trailer.

My name is Jenny and I run Omaha Outbound, LLC.  I bought an Outbound Travel Trailer to improve the ease and enjoyment of traveling and camping.  I LOVE my little camper so much that I am now an Outbound Travel Trailer sales representative, located in Omaha, NE.


I'm very excited to help spread the joy these small travel trailers can bring to people just like you.  Stop dreaming and take the leap!  Go ahead, plan that cross country trek.   Or simply escape to the lake and relax by the campfire!

Make it happen, with an Outbound Travel Trailer.

                                 - Jenny H.

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Outbound Trailer, located in Hastings, NE, is the manufacturer of these game-changing little travel trailers.  Outbound Trailer focuses on providing the highest quality travel trailer for your dollar.    Each Outbound Trailer is assembled by hand at the Hastings, NE location.  Once assembled, campers are thoroughly inspected to make sure they are watertight and ready to hit the highway.  

Your new Outbound Travel Trailer can either be picked up at the Hastings, NE location or shipped directly to you.